We wish you a pleasant trip with the coverage options provided by Car Rental Box for your car rental.

Rental Period

The rental period is calculated as 24 hours for daily rentals and 30 days for monthly rentals.

Kilometer Usage Limit

For rentals between 1-7 days, the limit is 200km per day.

For rentals between 7-14 days, the limit is 150km per day.

For rentals between 14-30 days, the total limit is 3000km.

Additional kilometers will be charged at a rate of 0.20€ per kilometer. (You can purchase additional kilometer packages.)

Accident and Deductible Fee

In case of an accident or damage, if you do not have any additional coverage options, there is a 2% deductible fee.

Required documents include a police report, alcohol report, photos of the accident scene and the vehicle, and photos of the other party’s documents (driver’s license, vehicle registration, vehicle insurance, and accident photos).

Mini Damage Guarantee

In cases where it is not possible to issue a report (such as damage to the tires, windows, mirrors, or minor repairs), we offer the right to repair with a declaration of up to 150€.

Voluntary Financial Liability Guarantee

This is an increased limit of up to 1,000,000₺ for third parties covered by the traffic insurance.

Personal Accident Guarantee

Covers the driver and passengers in the vehicle, limited by the number of seats.